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Last Saturday I purchased several children's books at the Biblioteca de Boquete book sale. Some were printed in Spanish and others in English. All had lots of color pictures. Yesterday while driving by the home of indigenous families, I stopped the car and walked to the fence separating their house from the road. One boy (about 7 years old) reached thru the fence and grabbing all the books wrapped his arms around them. About this same moment a mother and six young girls appeared from inside the house. Mother took the books from the boy, sat on a step (or maybe it was a rock) and started showing and talking to the girls plus the one little fella about the prized books. I wished them a Feliz Navidad as I turned to leave.

After I finished my errands in town and traveling past this residence on the return trip, I could see this mother was still seated and completely surrounded by youngsters as everyone seemed engrossed in these books.

The feelings I had coming over me were what Christmas is really about.

Are there others with similar experiences that they want to share?

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