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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- The Peace Corps in Panama


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10:30 in the BCP Theater
Tuesday, December 5 – The Peace Corps in Chiriqui.  Four volunteers working in our province will talk to us about how the Peace Corps works and what is their main goal here. They will also explain a little bit about their different projects, development work and everyday life in their communities. We will have Enid assigned to the Volcan area, Matt in Gualaca, Tony in Celmira, and Laura in Puerto Armuelles. Bring your questions for the Q&A at the end.
Tuesday, December 12 – Boquete Medical Associates and Keep It Simple Panama. The topic will explain the benefits derived from the merging of the two organizations.
Tuesday, December 19 – Howard Green & Joyce Kinnear will explain to us about how to use Facebook and Twitter.
Tuesday, December 26 – Glenn Davis, author, lecturer, historian, and Boquete resident. Glenn has been a professor at Rice U. (history), Blinn College (journalism) and Texas A&M (international studies). He is the author of 4 books available on Amazon.com, three other books published in Japanese by leading Japanese publishers and hundreds of articles on Japan and Japan-American relations. Glenn also appeared regularly on Japanese TV and radio. He will speak on “My personal struggle with biculturalism, 40 years in Japan”.
Tuesday, January 2 -- Jason Boss on cryptocurrency. In a world that is changing ever so much, today’s buzz word is cryptocurrency. When it comes to alternative forms of currency, unless you have a very experienced advisor, you will be burned. This talk will focus on what cryptocurrency is, what it can do for you, what coins are right for you, where you can begin, and how you can safely store your currency. All of this information will be provided by someone who has been in the crypto game since its start in 2008. This is the expert advice you want in this new school digital age.
Tuesday, January 9 – Judi Smith is the owner of the International Clinic of Biological Regeneration (www.icbr.com). She practices Cell Therapy, an anti-aging treatment, developed by Dr. Paul Niehans.  Judi has clinics in both Nassau and Mexico. There is free admission to this talk.
Tuesday, January 16 – Panama, The Musical
Tuesday, January 23 – Dr. Ted Harrison, Boquete resident, will present a talk on the medical research study his team did in Boquete last spring.
Tuesday, January 30 – Sandra and Lloyd Cripe on “Birding as a hobby.”
Tuesday, February 6  Yira De Alvarado will speak about her work with Nutre Hogar of Chiriqui. Phil McGuigan, head of Amigos de Boquete will introduce Yira.  Nutre Hogar is a private organization created in 1988 by Monsignor Romulo Emiliani and a group of volunteers, in order to recover and prevent severe malnutrition of children of the most impoverished communities of our country. Nutre Hogar Chiriqui is a non-profit organization that treats 40 severely malnourished children who are transferred from Hospital Materno Infantil Jose Domingo De Obaldia. They attend to the children’s needs with medicine, dietary supplements, education, and MUCH LOVE. To give you an understanding of the scope of this Missionthey need $25,000.00 per month to maintain operations. The presentation will be filmed by TV Chiriqui. We will organize a bus trip to see this amazing facility. http://nutrehogar.org/
Tuesday, February 13 – Glenn Davis, author, lecturer, historian, and Boquete resident. Glenn has been a professor at Rice U. (history), Blinn College (journalism) and Texas A&M (international studies). He is the author of 4 books available on Amazon.com and three other books published in Japanese by leading Japanese publishers. Coming just two weeks before the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, Glen will speak on the latest book he is writing titled Blood on the Cotton,  about the history of the blues in Texas. This presentation is an analysis of the origin of the blues, which started in Texas and Mississippi (most people think about only the latter). It focuses on the blues pioneers in Texas and how they influenced other forms of music, such as rock and roll. It also will show clips from the Internet on early blues performances.
Tuesday, February 20 -- Come and learn basic survival command (questions and answers) in Spanish from U.S. Warden Hank Landis. Survival/command phrases will cover topics of: health, security, and personal needs.
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manager

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There have been some last minute changes in the Peace Corp program at the BCP on Tuesday, Dec. 5.  Sadly Laura fractured her shoulder and will be in Panama City for a while, but Emily from Rio Sereno will be taking her spot. And unfortunately Matt cannot make it but Marianna Corckill from Salitral is replacing him

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