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Extraordinary Turned Wood Christmas Gifts - Including 2 Rosewood Salad Bowls


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New this year - genuine rosewood and granadillo (kira) salad bowls - but they are truly pieces of art, and you might simply display them as turned art to better preserve their beauty. 

These three exceptional pieces were turned at the artisan woodworking shop of the Sherrard family in Belize - and hand finished with beeswax and a lot of hand buffing.

I have only three of these larger bowls.  From the upper left they are Belize Rosewood with a turned smooth edge ($168), a larger natural edge Belize Rosewood bowl ($200) and one Granadillo bowl ($92).  

In addition, I will have an excellent selection of square and round bowls and platters ($10-$75), coffee wood turnings ($10 - $100), candle holders ($10-$30), and of course bottle stoppers ($12-$15) which are my most popular items for presents - especially as stocking stuffers. 


See these items at my table on the back terrace at the Tuesday Morning Market at the BCP Center - or call for a private showing. 

If you see a piece you like, call and I will hold it for you until 10am. 

David van Harn

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