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President’s $31 million in discretionary payments

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President’s $31 million in discretionary payments


FROM  the time he office in July 2014 through  September 2017, President , Juan Carlos Varela, has dispensed $31 million in discretionary funds at his disposal.

A  recent report published on the  Ministry of the Presidency website covering the months July, August and September shows that in that quarter, the president disbursed a total of $3,498  711. Of that amount, the

$2,310,738  is for services of “local doctors.”

Other expenses include the payment of $200,000 for the September preparation of the national soccer team bidding for a place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The report also highlights the payment to lower the surgical default of the Social Security Fund, which exceeds $500,000   and  $79,100 for the purchase of medicines for the Social Insurance (CSS) program

In September, $17,500 was used for the purchase of 5,000 lunches distributed during the “Sectorial Cabinet” held in July in Arraiján, Panama West.

The president also approved $30,779 for humanitarian aid for those affected by Hurricane Irma.



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