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Caldera Road Checkpoint


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You may have noticed that for the past two days there have been no police  running the checkpoint at  Caldera Road.
Alto al Crimen has received information that two police officers in Panama Province were shot at a  similar checkpoint, and extra precautions have been ordered.  Considering the small  number of police officers in the Boquete District, extra officers are not available to be assigned to the Caldera Road checkpoint for security purposes
We  hope this matter can be resolved soon because implementation of the checkpoint at the urging of Alto al Crimen has resulted in a significant reduction in numbers of burglaries and home invasions in the Boquete area.
Alto al Crimen has been working quietly on a project to build a garita (guard shack).  An arcitect is working on an appropriate design.  There is no government budget for the project.
This is still tentative, but if you would be willing to make a donation of money or materials for this project, please contact Tom Counter, AAC Vice President, at 6422-6532. or email studiotomaspanama@gmail.com  We are not asking for the actual donations at this time because we need to develop more information,  but your commitment for the project would be very helpful.
Alto al Crimen will monitor the checkpoint situation and provide more information when we have it. 
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Can anybody provide actual statistics to the crime decrease. All I have is my own personal experience (facts) that counter opinions of others.

I was informed that the initial idea was to provide Boquete area residents stickers to show at the checkpoint. Is that still possible?

Is there anyway to persuade the transitos to actually patrol for cell phone users and drunks, rather than checking vehicle docs at the checkpoint? Wasn't the checkpoint established to counter violent crime.

Lastly, does anybody have more info on the home burglary with a pistol wielding maleante reported in the Panama press very recently in Bajo Boquete?

Appreciate any light that can shed on this.



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