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1 PM - Sunday Matinee Movie at the BCP Center Theater - Muriel's Wedding (Australia - 1995)


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This coming Sunday (not Monday) at 1:00pm, we will resume our weekly film screenings of mostly independent, foreign, and art house films. 

The new Hex Room business - a sports bar - WILL NOT BE OPEN until some time in November, so food and drinks will not be available for purchase. 

Food and drinks will be allowed in the theater, and will be expected to cleanup after ourselves.  Until the sports bar opens, the only option is to bring your own food and drink. 

Upcoming Films: 
10/22 - Rivers & Tides - Documentary (Artist Andy Goldsworthy)
10/29 - Donnie Darko (2001)
11/5  - Sideways (2004)
11/12 - Queen of Katwe (2016)


We don't charge admission, but we do ask for donations to pay for audio/video equipment, and to support the Film Club program.

Sunday, October 15 @ 1:00pm - Muriel's Wedding (Australia - 1995)   1hr, 46 minutes

Ratings:  7.2 - IMDB, 78% (Rotten Tomatoes), 3.5/4 Roger Ebert  -  (R rating for sex-related dialogue and some sexuality)



From Roger Ebert:
When Muriel catches the bouquet at a friend's wedding, her friends are furious: "Throw it again - you'll never get married..." [Muriel's Wedding] is merciless in its portrait of provincial society, and yet has a huge affection for its misfit survivors. When Muriel is wounded, she retreats to her bedroom, drowning out reality with Abba songs. She is a large, big-boned young woman with unruly hair and a clueless look, and her friends from high school - swimsuit issue wannabes with promiscuous but grim sex lives - don't want her around anymore. They're planning a holiday on a tropical island and she will not enhance their appeal.

Muriel's home life is cheerless, with an undertone of tragedy in Betty, her mother (Jeanie Drynan), a thoroughly cowed woman who is treated by her children like a domestic slave and by her husband Bill (Bill Hunter) as a household appliance who cooks and cleans. Bill is a failed politician who takes obscure Japanese investors to dinner in Chinese restaurants where he is owed free meals because of shady favors. His children are couch potatoes who sit, stunned, staring at the television. At least Muriel has had enough ambition to flunk out of secretarial school.

Then life changes, suddenly, when Muriel comes into some money (a blank check from her mother) and a high-spirited new friend named Rhonda (Rachel Griffiths), who has an infectious grin and faith in Muriel's potential. 

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