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Thai Tui-Na Massage


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Thai Tui-Na Massage



Ancient Thai Yoga Massage  is over 2000 years old and is attributed to Doctor Shivago who was the emperors personal physician in Thailand. The Thai massage is part of traditional Thai medicine which uses herbs and follows the Ayuverda principles. Thai massage is done on the floor using stretching movements along with acupressure to help  create an opening in your body that leaves you feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. The effect of these movements is similar to yoga.  No oils are used in this massage.

Tui-Na Massage  is over 4000 years old and originates from China. It is one of the three elements of traditional Chinese medicine the other two being plants and acupuncture. Tui-Na means push and pull and is a deep tissue massage that is done fully clothed and no oils are used in this massage. Tui-Na utilizes a variety of vigorous techniques to stimulate and manipulate the flow of Chi (energy) in the body. Tui-Na is effective for the treatments of Frozen shoulder, headaches, lower back pain and much more. Ideal treatment for drivers, travelers and desk jockeys.

                                                        Ancient Thai Yoga Massage                           

For a complete stretch and therapeutic effect. Yoga for your body.

$60.00 for 90 minutes

Tui-Na (Twee-Nah)

$60.00 for 90 minutes

Relief from neck, shoulder and back pain.  

(All massages are done fully clothed and no oils are used)    

To make and appointment call 6109-8010 or go to http://thaituinamassage.com and make your own appointment.

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