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Grand Opening Quilt House In Volcan


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On Saturday, December 5, we are celebrating the grand opening of our new facility with an open house. There will be refreshments, door prizes, lots of conversation and beautiful items for sale to use for Christmas presents and Mother's Day. 
Tickets are $2.00 and this enters you in the drawing for the prizes.
We are located on the right side of the park behind the elementary school on the main street.  The building is a dark green color.
WE have moved into Volcan. We are located behind the elementary school on the main street. Turn right or left on the street between the school and Farmacia Don Bosco. A park is directly ahead of you As you face the fire station, which is across the park, we are the large green building on the right-hand corner of the park.
Hemos entrado en Volcán. Estamos ubicados detrás de la escuela primaria en la calle principal. Gire a la derecha o a la izquierda en la calle entre la escuela y Farmacia Don Bosco. Un parque está justo delante de ti. Cuando te enfrentes a la estación de bomberos, que está al otro lado del parque, somos el gran edificio verde en la esquina derecha del parque. Estaremos allí casi todos los días durante unas horas hasta que nos organizamos.
Marianne Brown
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