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Liquor Sales, Parking, and Drinking in Public Places

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In the afternoon today, Thursday, 21 September an important meeting took place with the owners of sites for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the district of Boquete, agreeing that in the next 3 months an assessment will be made in coordination with the authorities, and the results and measures to be taken will be done so in the time referred to.

At that meeting it was presented to the owners of the sites mentioned, the problem of constant situations that are generated in the area better known as La Gallera as well as to the owners of the area that is located to the north of the District and that on other occasions, has generated complaints of bad parking by drivers who go to these sites.

It should be noted that the owners said they were in agreement with these type of meetings, in addition to this it was accomplished in the meeting today that the owners will  pay police officers during the Saturday schedule of 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00., to minimize the quarrels.

The owners of the sites in the area north mentioned that they have points of parking for their customers to park, however on many occasions those who park illegally are doing so in order to visit the neighboring restaurants close to their points of sale.

The Mayor, who was in the city of Panama, in compliance with other official commitments, expressed that he does not pursue any kind of difficulties for business, on the contrary he looks for better days for the sector, however it was requested by the legal advisor to the Mayor that compliance with the rules and agreements in order to ensure social peace in the district and its visitors, and the authorities will do what the law allows them.

Public Relations Department

source: Alcaldia




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The only thing I got out of this is that some businesses are unhappy that their parking spaces are being appropriated by customers of nearby restaurants. Of the five paragraphs, four are incomprehensible to me. I can't even figure out what area the writer is referring to.

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I believe this has to do with the indigeno bars just uphill from the Romero market, and back toward the river bank. This is where heavy drinking and bar brawls take place over weekends, particularly those that follow a big payday. Last Monday morning a middle-aged male was laying on the sidewalk near the corner, asleep or unconscious, taking up a whole parking space in front of Denny restaurant. In the recent past the body of a young male was found on the riverbank near the dead-end street.

La Gallera translates literally as "The Roostery", suggesting that the area was where cock fights would take place. I am not sure if the reference is to real roosters or perhaps to pugnacious inebriated patrons of those various bars.


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There is actually an old Gallera in that area down behind the Wing building where Ro-Her wholesale is located.

The other item centers around patrons of the Brewing Company and the Taboo night club using parking facilities which belong to local restaurants as Jim mentioned..

I agree the translation is poor.  Some of these posts are a real challenge.


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