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I made a visit to Laboratorio Clinico Immunotec this morning to get some answers concerning their QC. program.  I hope this helps clear up any confusion, plus I got their assurance that they would not mind being discussed in our forum.  

Immunotec lab, located by the main bridge, does not have an ISO certificate in their lobby, because they are "in process" of completing their certification.  They are actually through with their testing, data collection, paperwork, and continue to run QC specimens from ISO daily, as well as participate in the quarterly examinations of blind samples.  They were required to submit results monthly to ISO for one year, and compare to a peer group.  This part is finished, and they simply await the certificate that will be posted in their lobby.

I did not go to the other labs in town, for one simple reason, Immunotec knows the other peer lab that is in the area that they are compared to, and that lab is Raly Laboratorio in David.  

This doesn't mean other labs aren't good, it's just that they aren't participating in the ISO program.  Also, outpatient labs are in their own peer group, and not compared with hospital labs.  The ISO program is expensive, time consuming, and not required by law in Panama.  It is impressive when we have 2 in Chiriqui Province participating. 

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