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Book Fair Boquete 2017


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“Books…windows to the universe”


Boquete´s Library Foundation welcomes all public in general to participate on the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 to be celebrated at the Library of Boquete starting on September 28th until October 1st under the slogan:


The II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 is a cultural event covering a wide range of activities for all ages and interests including book sales under different editorials and libraries, national and international authors, conferences, workshops, tale storytelling, artistic presentations and much more.


The II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 will include workshops oriented specifically to children and teenagers including artistic presentations and gathering. There will be a reading marathon about novel ¨Maria¨ and Literature gathering where participants will share classic books such as “Cien años de soledad”, “Pedro Páramo”, “Rebeldes” among others.

As an innovation, this year we will include a contest about production of narrative text titled “Cuento maravilloso” (Wonderful tale), poem presentation of “Stella Sierra a 100 años de su natalicio” and also a fun costume contest titled “Tu disfraz cuenta un cuento” (Your costume tells a story).

The Library will also feature a decorated section to encourage children to preserve natural resources. Decoration will include trees, animals and forests representative of Boquete.



During the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 we want to give children the opportunity of having a new book. Many of them really need it. For that purpose we have created the program ¨Regala un libro, regala un sueño¨ (Give a book, give a dream) where you can make a difference. You can buy a new book and donate that book as a gift to a child. Many kids would benefit tremendously of your kindness.



Different book editorials and Libraries will have their own space at the II Book Fair Boquete 2017 where visitors will be able to buy books, discover upcoming titles, news as well as exchange valuable information.



Visitors will have a variety of conferences to choose during the fair. Each will be presented by a national or international figure of relevance on the Literature field. The generous guests will share their books, knowledge and experiences to all of us.



A wide range of national and international authors will be at the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017. A wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and learn about their own books. 

Some of the authors such as Mr. Juan David Morgan will present conferences in English. The fair will also include Mr. Rick Rosenberg, an important representative of the US Embassy who will share valuable information about opportunities for young students who want to study on the United States.

Some of the authors at the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 are:

·       Alvaro Rojas Salazar (Costa Rica)

·       Anais Morán (Panamá)

·       Carlos Oriel Wynter Melo (Panamá)

·       Carlos Fong (Panamá)

·       Daniel Domínguez (Panamá)

·       Esperanza Martínez Palau (Panamá)

·       Héctor Collado (Panamá)

·       Hidris Hernán (Panamá)

·       Joaquín González Justavino (Panamá)

·       Juan Antonio Gómez (Panamá)

·       Juan David Morgan (Panamá)

·       Julio Quintero (Panamá)

·       Margarita Jacinta Vásquez (Panamá)

·       María del Socorro Robayo (Panamá)

·       Mario Molina (Panamá)

·       Oliver Candanedo (Panamá)

·       Osvaldo Reyes (Panamá)

·       Pat Alvarado (United States)

·       Priscila Delgado (Panamá)

·      Rick Rosenberg (United States)

·       Rose Marie Tapia (Panamá)

·       Sunny Summer (United States)

·       Yadira Roquebert (Panamá)



Talent expression will occupy a very special place on the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 including representations of artists like:


“Canta con to” by Lil and Alejandro Herrera

·       Carmen de Caballero

·       José Gómez

·       Mario Ariel Saldaña

·       Ologwagdi

·       And others



To get the latest information about the II Book Fair of Boquete 2017 please visit often our website www.biblioboquete.com where we will be posting updates and content regularly.

Once again, welcome to the II Book Fair Boquete 2017!



Fundación Biblioteca de Boquete

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