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Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Magda Crespo on insurance


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10:30 in the BCP Theater


Tuesday, September 5 – Magda Crespo, local insurance expert will talk to us  be about how to use our medical plans in Panama, and the differences of how insurance is handled in Panama. She will speak on deductibles, co- payments and so on.  And she will address the fact that our doctors do give us the "gringo price" and how to avoid it. FREE ADMISSION

Tuesday, September 12 – Dr. Maria Ruiz will speak on the history of coffee in Boquete in general and the history of the Ruiz family in particular. Cafe Ruiz is one of the largest producers of coffee in Panama. Maria will explain how coffee production started in Boquete, what's the picture for coffee right now and what she projects for the future. Dr. Maria Ruiz has more than 30 years of experience working in the Panamanian coffee industry, including growing, green processing, roasting, tasting, and product development. She has participated in many activities at a national level as a representative of the private sector. She has also represented Panama in international forums such as the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Specialty Coffee Association of Japan, and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Currently she is the CEO of special projects with Casa Ruiz, S.A., in Boquete, Panama.

Tuesday, Sept 19 – Boquete Video Festival. FREE ADMISSION

Tuesday, Sept 26 – Oct 3 -- Vacation for Tuesday Talks

Tuesday, October 10Dr. Jennifer Daniels will speak on home remedies that work and potions you can mix at home to maintain your independence and why you should want to. Dr Daniels is a long-time resident of Panama and was trained in the US as a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician.   During her 10 years of medical practice she quickly realized people would be better off staying home than submitting to medical intervention.   Dr Daniels then applied herself to developing home remedies that are safer and more effective than the drugs she had been trained to recommend in medical school.  Dr Daniels will share many of these healing potions during this presentation.

Tuesday, October 17 – William Oates is a Boquete resident and an amateur sommelier (“a trained and knowledgeable wine enthusiast and connoisseur”).  As a retired physician he is interested in the healthful benefits of moderate wine consumption. He will talk to us about what wines are available in Panama at a good value. The presentation may include a blind taste test by audience members.

Tuesday, October 24 – Theo A Cope  has recently relocated to Poterrillos area with his wife Shery, after almost 20 yrs. living in China. Theo holds a PhD in Psychology and is certified as a Psychotherapist who has taught at many universities in China and practiced counseling and therapy since 2000. The talk “Maintain your mental health by attaining balance” will be based on the models and principles of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (out of Germany), the dominant approach which Theo utilizes clinically. He had worked the last 3 years in International SOS/Raffles Medical Group in Beijing as a therapist as well as provided training for international companies.

Tuesday, October 31 – Keep It Simple Panama

Tuesday, November 7 – Jason Boss on cryptocurrency. In a world that is changing ever so much, today’s buzz word is cryptocurrency. When it comes to alternative forms of currency, unless you have a very experienced advisor, you will be burned. This talk will focus on what cryptocurrency is, what it can do for you, what coins are right for you, where you can begin, and how you can safely store your currency. All of this information will be provided by someone who has been in the crypto game since its start in 2008. This is the expert advice you want in this new school digital age.

Tuesday, November 14 – John Wolff, organizer, promoter, and all around jefe of the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival.and other team members will make a presentation of the 2018 lineup and new venue. They will present the festival schedule and answer questions about the 2018 festival and the future of the Boquete Jazz Festival.

Tuesday, November 28 --- Panama Independence Day. No meeting.


Tuesday, December 5 – Boquete Medical Associates


To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting


To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manager



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