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Take a sneak peek at what's inside, but don't tell anyone.....


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Great Day Everyone,

I hope that all is well this week.  We wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at our menu this week as it is quite possible the most extensive that it's ever been.  Many are asking what's on the horizon for the 2 Guys team and we are excited to say that next week (barring any distributor issues) we will be making Chicken Pot Pies, Chinese Beef & Broccoli, Eclairs, and quite possibly our decadent toasted Coconut Cheesecake.  Looking forward we are planning to create some wonderful vegan dishes, duck breast dishes, and more.  Thin crust pizzas as well as our smoked chicken halves will be making a comeback as the response was tremendous.  Also be on the lookout for our Gourmet Sauerkraut.  This wonderful treat is making waves in the "fermentation" community and because of how we make it we can only produce 4 batches a year.  Be sure to get on out email list to see when the next batch will be ready. 

We are working on a few new items and projects that will blow you away in the upcoming months so please stay tuned.  Currently we are working out the details to have special dinner events during the summer months at our location that are themed.  This concept will be a "under the stars" dinner and will be have very limited seating.  Possibly live music and wine pairing.  A dinner experience that will be quite memorable.  More to come about that in the future.

This week we have added our Mexican Tortilla soup to the menu.  This soup is a south of the border soul comforting masterpiece.  We elevated many of the ingredients so as to really pack a punch of not only flavor but also different textures.  When I think of the phrase a "hearty meal" this soup comes to mind.   Pan fried zucchini, roasted red bell peppers, creamy black beans, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic are all mixed with stewed tomatoes, sauce, chipotle peppers, and some stock.  Totally satisfying.  If you want to see more be sure to click this link and check out the rest of our menu this week.  You can scroll down to the very bottom of my web page and sign up to receive our weekly menu updates.  If you have any questions be sure to let me know...

Click here to see our Menu




If you would like to start receiving our menu please click below and join our distribution list..  We are a family run operation that has been here for 6+ years and love cooking for others.  Our meals are prepackaged, Frozen and ready to reheat and eat.  We offer the widest variety of dishes and the widest range of flavors in the entire country of Panama.  Our guarantee is this, "You're gonna like most of our meals."  We have a little something for everyone.  The name of our group is 2 Guys & A Cooler and we are here to serve you...

Join Our Distribution List By Clicking Here


Please let me know (when you order online) if you are picking up at our house on Monday (Anytime after 2pm), if you want delivery, or if you will be picking up at the BCP.   If you are picking up at our home (remember that you get a 10% Discount) just call when you come and honk when you get to get to the gate.  You will receive directions with your order.  Be sure to check your spam mail folder.  Chandler's number is 6644-1934

If you have any questions you can email me at eric@doshombrespanama.com
Thanks for reading
Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, and Aidan




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