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New Duty Free Operators in Tocumen

The US company Duty Free America has been awarded two of the three blocks of the commercial area in Terminal 1 of the Panamanian airport, and the third went to Attenza Duty Free, linked to Motta International.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

At the beginning of August four companies presented their proposals in the tender to operate duty free commercial premises at Terminal 1 of Tocumen International Airport, but only two were selected.

"... Duty Free America was awarded two of the three blocks ... The company offered a monthly payment of $1.2 million for each block, while the Attenza Duty Free consortium, linked to Motta International, was left with the third block, with a payment of $675,884 a month.

Prensa.com reports that "...Attenza was left with the third block after the European company Alliance Duty Free declined to match the maximum bid submitted by Duty Free America, which had offered $872,770. Tocumen's regulations establish that a single operator can control up to two blocks in the commercial area."


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$370 million for duty free concessions at Tocumen


TWO CONSORTIA,  one Panamanian and one  U.S. jointly presented  a $370 million  bid to win  a concession to operate  duty free  outlets at Tocumen International Airport  for 10 years .

They  are  he United States Duty Free Panama Panama LLC Consortium ,and the Attenza Duty Free Consortium of the Motta Group of Panama  and will have  2,197 square meters of commercial spaces in the current passenger terminal.

The opening of envelopes containing offers  was done on Thursday September 6 in the presence of four competing Groups.

The current concession handled by Panamanian companies Waked International S.A. (Wisa) and Motta International expires  in December.



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