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New Electrical Mechanical Bed with Jade Stones, a Level of Tecnology and Detoxification with the machine Ionic foot Pediluvium now here in Boquete


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We want to introduce our new two services for you:
1.New Electrical Mechanical Bed with Jade Stones,  a Level of Tecnology now here in Boquete  INTRODUCCION SESSION $ 15.00

The new tendency to achieve the corporal well-being

Jade stones - which mean to the Chinese nobility of thought in mankind - are known for their conditions for transmitting temperature. Its uses are applied in containers, as it has antioxidant effects on the water while maintaining the temperature
The properties of jade stone are applied in a therapeutic way by the German company of relaxation technologies Syogra, combining oriental ancestral culture therapies with modern research, developing massage beds with jade stones and music therapy.

In 45-minute massage sessions, jade stones replace hands running from the nape to the heels, which gradually realigns the spine and helps to decompress the nerve endings that reach the spinal cord.   "This also has visual effects, as it improves the elongation of the body and the body posture, allowing to look better It is also a treatment to prevent and reduce herniated discs, as realigning the spine separates the space between the vertebrae.
For those who are tense, the journey of jade stones with temperature (infrared heat with deep penetration) helps to loosen knots and muscle contractures that accumulate in the shoulders and back from stress and standing motionless in front of a desk. Stretchers with Jade stones act through the movement of their extra wide rollers and the heat they transmit, reduces muscle pains caused by stress and counteract muscle tension. In addition, the therapeutic power of the stretchers serves to alleviate the affections caused by circulatory problems, such as varicose veins or cellulitis.

Benefits with Chiropractic, Benefits with Acupressure, Benefits with Thermotherapy, Lymphatic drainage, Music Therapy, Back and neck massage, Lower limb massage.

Benefits of these beds:

*Improves posture and rectification of vertebrae by realigning the spine.
*Stress (eliminates tensions, ideal to end a day of work).
Facilitates venous return.

*Lymphatic drainage (helps reduce cellulite).
*Helps actively remove toxins from the lymphatic, circulatory and internal organs  (kidneys,  bladder, prostate, liver, pancreas, intestine, etc.)  

*Stimulates and regulates the glandular system.

*It actively helps in the regeneration of injuries through the hand-held projector (tears,   sprains,micro-fissures, shoulders, knees, wrist, etc.).

*Improves the body's immune response, Improves cell permeability, causing cells to absorb more nutrients and energy.

*Eliminates insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress, and other malaise of nervous origin.

*It induces an increase of red blood cells, it influences a cellular improvement and it  favors the expulsion of toxic waste of the cells.

*It helps to improve respiratory diseases, constipation, menstrual cramps,  circulation   problems, etc.

*Helps to lower triglycerides, with their effect mobilizing fat particles that remain in  the blood.

*Balances the cerebral hemispheres, Improves mental focus.

2. Detoxification with the machine Ionic foot Pediluvium (Ionix Toxins Removal System Detox ionic foot bath..... INTRODUCION SESSION $ 15.00

With this machine you will have a really good Foot Detox Therapy:

· Detoxify from cigarettes and heavy materials

· Detoxify the urinary tract and liver.

· Rejuvenate (best anti-aging therapy).

·  Remove fat

·  Reduce inflamations, pain in muscles and joints

·  Eliminate viruses, fungal bacteria.

·  Increase energy

·  Stimulate activity Sexual

·  Stimulate constipation

·  Decrease varicose veins o purify the blood

·  Stimulating the Immune System

·  Eliminate Stress and Sleep Better





Functions of our detox foot spa machine


Detoxify kinds of toxins and virus effectively.

Purely water reaction without any side effect safe and effective.

Improve metabolism reinforce immunity remove inferior health.

Improve ability of cleansing body,Relieve the burden of the body organ

Reduce blood sugar and alleviate pressure.
For more informations you can contact to us: iStyle Beauty Salon and Spa, 730-9390, 6478-0760 or email us to istylesalonbqt@gmail.com
















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