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Heavy Rains in Late August Bring Wide Flooding, Missing Persons, Closures, Accidents, etc.

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Saturday downpour brings province wide flooding

mid day headlights

HEAVY  downpours, accompanied by electrical storms that began at noon on Saturday, caused floods across  Panama province including the capital city.

Police and fire services helped divert traffic in some city areas and motorists already caught up in the weekend traffic snarl were urged to reduce speed on the on the less wet roads. A small boats weather warning was issued by maritime authorities.


Some of the affected areas in the city were Ave Domingo Díaz road was flooded near Brisas del Golf, and Boyd Roosevelt, around the  Metro station in San Isidro, Tumba Muerto,   Vía España. Alcalde Diaz, Kuna Nega and El Cruol . If you have photos of affected areas, feel free to forward them to editor@newsroom panama.com



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Airport closed, street torrents, collapsed walls


TOCUMEN International Airport was temporarily closed on Sunday morning as the third day of torrential rain hit the east side of Panama Province, causing widespread flooding.


In some areas, water reached the roofs of cars, and torrents coursed through streets as the Rio Diaz overflowed its banks. Authorities evacuated scores of families and provided humanitarian aid to those in flooded homes.

In San Miguelito sectors, four landslides and collapsed walls were reported, and a house hit by a falling tree in the Las Mañanitas sector.







Careless driver
While traffic authorities urged motorists to take extra care, three people were hospitalized on the Corridor North after one driver, reportedly speeding, crashed and overturned.

Missing person
Widespread flooding was reported, in Colon province and in Chiriquí the Meritorious Fire Department reported the disappearance of a person from the Estero Rico Beach in Bugaba.




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PANAMA DELUGE: 2 Boys missing, 280 homes flooded


THE SEARCH  for two young teen brothers, swept away by a head of water in the Kuna Nega River in the Ancon district of Panama, was resumed on Sunday morning, August 20.


Rain collapses ground under home

Over 100 members of the Joint Task Force participated in the search for the boys aged 13 and 15,  who were last seen playing in what was a quiet stream before the heavy rains on Friday afternoon.

Members of the Civil Protection Agency (Sinaproc) were joined by police officers, Panama Fire Department, National Fire Protection Service, the Fronteras border force and the National Aeronaval Service.


The heavy downpour on Friday night and Saturday destabilized the capital city with widespread flooding, of streets and 129 homes needing emergency aid.

The land beneath one home in Altos del Golf  collapsed, forcing the occupants to evacuate, and in North East Panama emergency services were called in when the wall of a home sitting on a slope caved in.



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Task Force recovers bodies of missing brothers


THE BODIES of two brothers aged 13 and 15, who were swept away by a sudden head of water while playing in a stream in Kuna Nega on Friday, were recovered on Monday, August 21, after a search that lasted through the weekend.

Over 100 members of the Joint Task Force were involved. One body was found at 9,30 a.m.near a concrete bridge in Kuna Nega.  The other was recovered in the e in arly afternoon an area near Clayton.



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