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Ongoing Pilates Classes and New!- CranioSacral Therapy at the Haven


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Pilates provides a great work-out simultaneously working on many levels. Through awareness and concentration practitioners think and focus on everything they're doing, not only strengthening the body/mind connection, but reinforcing and stimulating the coordination of the central nervous system. Pilates felt his exercise method strengthened his student's intelligence as more cells/receptors of the brain and nervous system were turned on during and following the execution of his exercises.

CranioSacral Therapy is an Osteopathic, therapeutic modality also working with the central nervous system [CNS]. Based on the premise that all our experiences, our thoughts and our tensions are stored and recorded in the cells of our body, it gently assists the CNS to release these tensions and the restrictions they form, thus assisting the total organism toward functioning at a higher, more optimal level. 
As we age, doesn't it make sense to do whatever we can to enjoy our lives and live most optimally? Isn't our health our highest priority? Come  to the Haven - Do Pilates and experience CranioSacral Therapy. Take greater responsibility for your Health and Well-being. You'll be happy You Did!
Ongoing Pilates Classes 3 days weekly- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8:30-9:45 a.m. All props provided including small balls, stretchy bands, blocks, magic circles and mats. Do bring your own yoga mat if you have one- to be guaranteed two for when we go down to the floor. All student levels work together; each person listening to and honoring his or her body to determine their degree of motion. Classes can be paid for individually at $8 each, or one of two packages may be purchased. $30 for 4 classes, or unlimited in a month for $72. To experience the benefits of Pilates and to feel as though one is progressing, it is recommended each student attends class at least 2-X weekly. 
Come Start Anytime!
CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment done on a massage table as the client is fully dressed in comfortable,non-restricting clothing.A session is an hour in length. From now through October, Susan Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor and retired  Fl. state licensed Massage Therapist with 30 years experience, is offering a free CST session to people residing in Boquete and desiring to experience what it's about. After, the free session, it will be available at a special introductory fee of $30. This Special will continue through the end of October.
Interested in knowing more about CST or to schedule an appointment? Email Susan Clare ar suzeclare@gmail.com for more information, including a link to a short, informative video. She"ll be very happy to assist you!
Interested in knowing more about the Haven, and all the therapeutic modalities offered? Call 730 9345, or email the Haven at info@boquetespa.com 
And do know- One need not be a member of the Haven to participate in classes or to partake of spa services. Looking forward to Seeing YOU Soon!
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