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10 Meter Waves Spark No Bathing Alert; Pacific Coast High Tides Alerts

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10 meter waves spark no bathing alert


PANAMA’S National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc)  issued a “ no bathing” alert for beaches on the Pacific Coast because  of sea bottom waves up to 10 meters high, which are formed away from the coast and without the presence of strong winds.

The phenomenon is  present throughout the year, but is more frequent between the months of May and November, on the  Pacific Ocean coastline says Sinaproc

“Therefore, it is essential that you avoid being near the beaches, especially because of sudden changes in the swell and the increased high tide.

The Joint Task Force cancelled classes at Farallón School and moved personnel into the area.

Sinaproc Director, José Donderis, recommended: “do not bathe.”



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Pacific coast high tides alert


A HIDE TIDES alert for the Pacific coast  with tides up to 5.27 meters was issued by the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) on Sunday March 20.

It will be in effect from 2:31 p.m. to 6:54 a.m. On  Saturday, August 26.

Sinaproc called on bathers and crew of light vessels to exert security measures.

The high tides and rains could increase the levels of rivers and streams.

Three people have already disappeared following earlier alerts.



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