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Panama’s Rising Prostitution Pressures Health Center

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Panama’s rising prostitution pressures health center


CLANDESTINE PROSTITUTION in Panama city is on the rise and in one health clinic, in Santa Ana 10  new women arrive every Thursday for medical attention.

The figures were revealed by Metropolitan Health Director, Aurelio Rangel, who told El Siglo that the phenomenon began to be detected in January of this year and in six months 290 women practising clandestine prostitution began to be treated in Santa Ana.

He said that most of them are Panamanians, who are offered free tests to determine whether they have Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s  including  HIV.

He said that women and men are operating on city streets like Avenida   Mexico, and Peru, Central Avenue and  in  December 24 and San Miguelito.

Ramón Díaz, medical director of Santa Ana said that the girls who work on the streets do not have a fixed residence and with many of the cases are difficult to trace to control their health.

He emphasized that the sex workers are given free tests in the clinic, to be able to detect if they have some type of fungi, syphilis or gonorrhea and are given treatment and medicines.



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