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Radio Chiriqui - Central America's First Solar Powered Radio Station!

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David, Chiriqui, Panama August 2, 2017, Radio Chiriqui is pleased to announce its project in conjunction with
SOListmo S.A. to create Central America’s first solar-powered radio station.

SOListmo has installed 84 solar panels on the roof of Radio Chiriqui’s David Headquarters. These panels will
provide enough power to meet the energy needs of the studio, offices and back-up transmitter in David.
Using net-metering, the panels produce enough energy to feed the existing electricity demand, and sell
excess energy back to Union Fenosa’s grid. At night, the radio station uses energy from the grid for its
power requirements.
Roger Guerra of Radio Chriqui “it’s not like if we don’t have an abundance of sun here in Chiriqui, we are
blessed with it, and I’m thrilled that we are putting it to work”.

The system will produce over 42 megawatt hours annually, and mitigate 23 tons of greenhouse gases
annually. It is expected that the system will pay for itself in five years – at current electricity rates.
“we are following in my grandfather’s footsteps, always innovating. From a pioneer radio station in Chiriqui,
then, the first FM station in the interior – and now, Central America’s first solar powered station. We are
keeping up the tradition of innovation”
says Manuel Ramon Guerra
“When you think of it, grid-tie solar is really made for Chiriqui. We have extensive sun, and expensive power.
This makes solar technology incredibly attractive for any business or residential client spending more than
$200/month on power.”
Alain Mulaire, Director of Operations of SOListmo the designer/installer of the
system. We’re really pleased to be part of this with Radio Chiriqui – the voice of Chiriqui, is truly an honor
and a privilege.
Radio Chiriqui, established in 1970 has been an integral part of Chiriqui’s development and growth.
Broadcasting on 106.9 and 103.3 FM, on CableOnda 861 and online at www.radiochiriqui.com
SOListmo S.A. based in David, Chiriqui, is a leader in off-grid and grid-tie solar energy systems. Providing
clients with clean, low-cost renewable energy. www.solistmo.com ventas@solistmo.com 777-9272


Press Release - Radio Chiriqui EN.pdf

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Pure Solar ONLY works if you have an extensive battery back up system and inverters.   Adding those into the equation pretty much always results in it being a non viable "solution".  Yes, solar can help, but if you need grid back up then you are defeating the purpose.  Before critisism, please be aware that I was the owner/ operator of a 10 kw micro solar system in Ontario, Canada, and I ran, off grid, for 5 years in a harsh environment utilising diesel engines running on waste veggie oil.  The solar system only worked, from an ROI point of view, because the Provincial government paid ridiculous amounts for my electricity inputs.  Even then, payback on my, admittedly, Cadillac system was 8.5 years.

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To your point, this is a grid-tie system, designed not for power back-up, but for self power generation. It uses the grid as a virtual "battery", if you will. During the day, you over-produce, and sell to the grid as well as feed your loads, and at night, you're using up your credit. The idea is to size the system to your consumption and solar irradiance patterns.

Chiriqui has both much higher solar irradiance than Northeastern Ontario, not to mention higher electricity rates. As well, the cost of panels in particular has plummeted in the last few years, making the 5 year payback a reality on larger installations like this one. 

I've attached two UF bills from Planet Telecom offices to highlight the point. One from June 2016 before the system was put in place, the other for June 2017 with the system now commissioned and functionning.

Please note Panama does not have a subsidy program for PV, but does oblige Union Fenosa to provide net-metering on a kw/h for kw/h basis.





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