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  1. Digi who???? does anyone still use Digicel? You really don't see them out there, and I know their market penetration is super low.
  2. John, To your point, this is a grid-tie system, designed not for power back-up, but for self power generation. It uses the grid as a virtual "battery", if you will. During the day, you over-produce, and sell to the grid as well as feed your loads, and at night, you're using up your credit. The idea is to size the system to your consumption and solar irradiance patterns. Chiriqui has both much higher solar irradiance than Northeastern Ontario, not to mention higher electricity rates. As well, the cost of panels in particular has plummeted in the last few years, making the 5 year payback a reality on larger installations like this one. I've attached two UF bills from Planet Telecom offices to highlight the point. One from June 2016 before the system was put in place, the other for June 2017 with the system now commissioned and functionning. Please note Panama does not have a subsidy program for PV, but does oblige Union Fenosa to provide net-metering on a kw/h for kw/h basis. Saludos, Alain
  3. David, Chiriqui, Panama August 2, 2017, Radio Chiriqui is pleased to announce its project in conjunction with SOListmo S.A. to create Central America’s first solar-powered radio station. SOListmo has installed 84 solar panels on the roof of Radio Chiriqui’s David Headquarters. These panels will provide enough power to meet the energy needs of the studio, offices and back-up transmitter in David. Using net-metering, the panels produce enough energy to feed the existing electricity demand, and sell excess energy back to Union Fenosa’s grid. At night, the radio station uses energy from the grid for its power requirements. Roger Guerra of Radio Chriqui “it’s not like if we don’t have an abundance of sun here in Chiriqui, we are blessed with it, and I’m thrilled that we are putting it to work”. The system will produce over 42 megawatt hours annually, and mitigate 23 tons of greenhouse gases annually. It is expected that the system will pay for itself in five years – at current electricity rates. “we are following in my grandfather’s footsteps, always innovating. From a pioneer radio station in Chiriqui, then, the first FM station in the interior – and now, Central America’s first solar powered station. We are keeping up the tradition of innovation” says Manuel Ramon Guerra “When you think of it, grid-tie solar is really made for Chiriqui. We have extensive sun, and expensive power. This makes solar technology incredibly attractive for any business or residential client spending more than $200/month on power.” Alain Mulaire, Director of Operations of SOListmo the designer/installer of the system. We’re really pleased to be part of this with Radio Chiriqui – the voice of Chiriqui, is truly an honor and a privilege. Radio Chiriqui, established in 1970 has been an integral part of Chiriqui’s development and growth. Broadcasting on 106.9 and 103.3 FM, on CableOnda 861 and online at www.radiochiriqui.com SOListmo S.A. based in David, Chiriqui, is a leader in off-grid and grid-tie solar energy systems. Providing clients with clean, low-cost renewable energy. www.solistmo.com ventas@solistmo.com 777-9272 Press Release - Radio Chiriqui EN.pdf
  4. For the record, JLM has offered to put our ad back up on Boquete,ning. We politely declined. We will use future marketing funds to sponsor Lance Armstrong on his next Tour de France competition.
  5. thanks, WryAwry, I have no pretensions of being a modern day Jean Moulin, but this had to be said.
  6. Thanks Woody. Like I said in the intro, this is something we've been looking at for a long time. But when people like Fran Hogan, Don Ray Williams et al, are banned from the site for saying things that don't mesh with the owner's point of view, there's a problem. I've known Fran since I moved here in 2006, and I've read Don Ray since probably 2004-2005. These are reasonable people with only the best intentions in mind. Both have contributed greatly to well-being of the province. I understand that some online behaviour can become problematic, so I can sympathize with the challenge of moderation. Sadly, we need to have some level of control over the more outrageous expressions online. This is where a steady hand at the helm is necessary for people to feel comfortable in the forum - whilst encouraging free expression. In terms of our decision, we initially bought this ad as part of a Bid4Boquete auction, Lee had donated the ad space, and we bought it, with the $600 fee going to Bid4Boquete. Our feeling was therefore that JLM was not profiting financially from our advertising, so there was no major moral quandary for us. Having said that, the perception among users would be different - and that needed to be reconciled with the fact that we had paid for advertising, and were getting some value from it. I really appreciate your feedback, and your business.
  7. Why Planet Telecom is NOT renewing its advertising with Boquete.ning. We were solicited last night by the owners of Boquete.ning to participate in an advertising program. As current advertisers, we were expecting this, as our ad is set to expire at the end of the year. My response to them was unequivocal, and with the backing of Planet Telecom's shareholders, we responded, both via email, and on ning itself. Needless to say, our response on ning was quickly removed, and I was... eventually banned from the site. This speaks volumes about JLM's intolerance for dissent, and their absolute desire to control the message at all costs. Here's what we responded: We have been following very closely the development of Boquete.ning under the new ownership and management. Thus far, we have seen a vibrant, interesting and useful resource turn into a platitudinous and vacuous forum where all content remotely critical of the changes is treated with immediate censorship and "disappearance" under the guise of moderation. It has become, in our minds, a virtual North Korea. The misguided and expedient efforts to mold the content of ning speak of a general disregard for ning's most precious asset - its contributing members. Good friends and clients have been banned, others silenced. These are people who have lived here many years, and have contributed richly to both local and expat life in Chiriqui. Moreover, the overall member attitudes towards ning has shifted from "the place to be" to the dustbin of cyber irrelevance, in the inglorious company of Panama-Guide.com, bananamarepublic and others . It is Voltaire who famously said, "Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire." Sadly, JLM Foundation has failed to heed those eternal words - words which encompass our philosophy and values. Whenever our company was criticized on ning or elsewhere, we respond - not with a surreptitious call to Lee to have the critical posts deleted (the vulgarity of such a gesture would be unimaginable), but with our candid explanation and response. This has garnered the respect of the community - and of our clients. We sincerely believe the new administration bears the responsibility for this deterioration. The advertising asset known as ning, has in our estimation been significantly impaired to a point of no longer being a viable platform for Planet Telecom. Please remove our ad at the end of the term.
  8. This is not going to happen. The economics don't add up. A high-speed train costs about 17-21 Million USD PER kilometer according to the World Bank. there are roughly 400 km between David and Panama City, so construction costs would be about 8 Billion USD. I figure there are about 2500 daily but trips from Panama City to David. At $30 each, it would take about 250 years to pay off the capital costs. Now, you're not even looking at operating costs YET. We just don't have the population densities of Asia and Europe. And by the way, I don't think any of these high-speed rail schemes survive without generous government subsidies.
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