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Last Week For Discount Medical Plan Enrollment. Probably Until December


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Alto al Crimen will have a table at the Tuesday market on July 11 and will have a table  in Los Establos Plaze on Thursday and Friday, 13 and 14 July.

Our partnership with Hospital Cooperativo offers you very low cost medical care from a 30 year old hospital which operates on a completely non-profit basis.  The plan is more fully described in another post which you should find in the early pages of this forum.

Cost is $150 per year for individuals or the first person in a household and $125 per year for additional persons in the same household.  Since the current enrollment period is mid-year, charges will be for 18 months, and the respective costs will be $225 and $188 for membership until January 1, 2019.

To enroll, come to our table on one of the dates shown above.  Bring copies of cedula (preferred) or residency ID card or passport for each person to be covered.  There is a separate contract for each person. 

The cost includes AAC emergency bilingual Hotline service so that, without speaking Spanish,  you can call for police, fire or medical emergencies or other emergencies.

Payment may be made by cash or check.  If the check is on a foreign bank in the US, Canada or elsewhere, there will be a delay of about three weeks in completing your enrollment process.

After July 14, all contracts will be delivered to Hospital Cooperativo, and wallet-size ID cards will be prepared.   Alto al Crimen will publish an announcement about arrangements to pick up the ID cards.

There is no age limit, no precondition exception and no waiting period for this plan.

There are other medical discount and insurance plans available at much higher cost, often with large deductibles.  For some people it is a very good option to put the money charged for those plans in the bank every year (in your own private "medical savings account") and use this plan for routine medical needs.  If an expensive operation or other medical care is needed, there will be money in the savings account to pay for them.

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