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Tai Chi Demo @ BCP


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Next Tuesday Market Meeting:  

First Public Demonstration & Discussion in Boquete !

Tai Chi: The 2,000-year-old healing Martial Art


Millions of people all over the world practice Tai Chi every day. WHY ?  

Tai Chi develops the body, mind & spirit of those who practice regularly.


Tai Chi improves ALL of the following areas of the body:

Develops the lungs & increases breathing capacity;

Strengthens the heart & improves circulation in the whole body;

Tones and strengthens all muscles;


Tai Chi improves the mental abilities in the following ways:

Tai Chi is often described as “Moving Meditation”;

Improves nervous system function & ability to relax;

Improves concentration & memory;

Reduces Stress;  Sleep better !


Many other *PROVEN* benefits of regular Tai Chi practice include:

Improves posture & body awareness;

Eliminates many body aches & back pains;

        Increases joint flexibility & range of motion;                       

Speeds rehabilitation of injuries or surgical issues;         

Improves balance, coordination & overall body movement;


Kevin Reilly continues training & sharing 30+ years of Martial Arts, health & wellness experience.   For more information:  6792-4455                                                taichiriqui@gmail.com      facebook.com/taichiriqui           


*© 2000-2013 Harvard University  *  Mayo Clinic 2011 * © 2012 International Arthritis Foundation*

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