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New Class at the Fenix

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New Class at the Fenix

Creative Visualization

& The Art of Manifestation


Would you like to stimulate your creative juices, your thought processes, your imagination?

Create more time as ideas and desires materialize more rapidly? 


lease join in for two mornings on;

Mondays July 17th and 24th,

from 11:45 to 1:45 at the Fenix Cafe

Discover new tools or brush up on old

ones as we co-create the highest form of personal

accomplishments and creativity that you wish to achieve




**Class is limited so please sign up early


What can I expect to learn and be able to accomplish

by taking your Creative Visualization and Art of Manifestation classes?


  • Techniques

    and demonstrated
    to help you visualize & bring forth your desires in materialized physical reality
  • Learn how to materialize your daily thought desires

  • Rediscover and enhance your creative passions


    Many class and home exercises practiced for daily use

Examples of what these techniques

will do for you
  • Manifest the ideal new home

  • Traveling?  Create the perfect trip with ease.

  • Brings clarity and vision to artistic endeavors

  • Develop healthy relationships

  • Achieve better athletic performance

  • And more


Start at any level, join in at any age.

There is power in numbers so bring a friend.


Sharon Brooks

Over 25 years

Trainer, Teacher, Keynote Speaker

TV and Radio Appearances




“Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to envision what you want your life to be.

By directing positive energy to that mental picture, you can make that vision a reality.”

Author unknown

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