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Crash Course Spanish Class starts in July


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New Spanish Classes with Renny  -  Classes start  July 20 & 21 , 2017

July 20 & 21 thru  Aug 31st, 2017

COST: $195

 As many people know, Renny had a language schoo­­­l in David, and had one in Houston also. She is now offering two levels of Spanish classes in Boquete, Basic and Intermediate.

These are professional instructions with an easy, clear curriculum and
the correct sequencing of material.

Location of the class is IN Boquete Town ~ revealed at registration

The Basic Class is called Crash Course Spanish

****Class meets Thursdays and Fridays 9:00 a.m -11:15

It will get you speaking fast! 
It shows how the language is organized, and teaches the tricks of the language, pronunciation, cultural notes,
phrases, vocabulary,
speaking; fluid conversations, how to ask and answer questions.

You will practice and share tips.  Workbook is included.


The Crash Course Intermediate Class

**Class meets Thursdays and Fridays 1:00 p.m -3:15 p.m.

You will USE your acquired Spanish language! You will speak in class, get tips for learning to listen and respond in "rapid fire" exchanges, pronounce the difficult, role play, learn word order, expand your vocabulary and use the internet. The class will play games, chant, listen to songs, perform skits, conduct interviews and give short speeches. You will translate for someone. It's time to do better at understanding what Spanish speakers are saying!

The class also begins to "Train your ear” and Practice Speaking" as you learn more and more Spanish fast; you build the confidence you need to converse with others. Workbook is included.

Pre-requisite for the *Intermediate Class :  Basic Spanish, no exceptions


*Intermediate Class To enter this class the following will describe your level of speech:

You respond to simple, direct questions or requests for information, can ask a few questions concerning needs and wants, and are able to express personal meaning by relying heavily on learned or re-combined phrases, repeating or rephrasing what you hear around you. You know short and sometimes incomplete sentences in the present tense. You may be hesitant or inaccurate, whereby frequent misunderstandings arise.  When called upon to handle a variety of topics and perform serious functions you operate at about a 50% success range, and can sometimes respond in intelligible sentences, but cannot sustain full sentence exchanges. You know the meanings/translations (not the conjugations) of at least 75 verbs.  


 WEBSITE    http://crashcoursespanishwithrenny.com

EMAIL:  rennykranich@gmail.com

Registration will be at the public library in Boquete, date to be announced.



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