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Trip to David today

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It may be time to start taking the old Boquete road by turning off the new one at Los Algarrobos. The right lane on the new road was closed for a about a mile getting into David due to construction at the new mall. Traffic was backed up. The good news is that this caused my being late getting to Pricesmart, entitling me to buy beer and wine at 11:00. Even better, Pricesmart actually had everything on my list.

On my return to Boquete, both my driver's license and car insurance papers were checked at the Caldera cutoff. I don't know if the officer was bored, if I looked suspicious, or whether this heralds tougher scrutiny in all walks of life. Be prepared.

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Or perhaps the officer just knew you had beers and was hoping for a handout? :-)

Good planning on getting delayed to be in time for alcohol sales.  It looks like there may be something to that " mañana" culture that guy was touting.

Is the mall construction going to be a long term lane closure or just a one day thing, do you think?  Looks like June will be our travel month this year and we will be on that road.


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I suspect the lane closure is going to be a long term thing.  We have been down to David several times in the last few weeks and the lane closure has been there every time.  Another clue is that they have a road crew cleaning up Via Boquete in the area of the entrance/exit to the site.  I suspect ATTT have spoken to them about mud on the road.  Anyway, enjoy either way, a slowdown merely gives us time to check out the progress.

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