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What's going on at Finca Feliz?

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News from Finca Feliz


What’s coming???

The Blackberry’s are resting, but reproducing, and will be available again in a few weeks.


Coming soon is an explosion of red raspberries. As soon as they’re ready, I’ll have them at the Tuesday Market.


Also, my wonderful “dulce” bananas are ripening and will be available soon. There’s lots more coming behind them, so you’ll have a good supply of “organic” bananas, reasonably priced.


My Cabina(s) are for rent


What’s available now???

Blackberry, Strawberry and a few Raspberry plants.

Pre-order only for pick-up at the BCP Market on Tuesday.

My usual inventory of medicinal tinctures and Nano Colloidal Silver:



Reishi Mushroom

Turkey Tail/Chaga


Dried leaf and Powered Moringa

Stinging Nettle Tea for inflammation and pain

Check out the new EMRO Quantum Discs/Patches for:

Allergy Sinus relief                

Low Energy or Lack of Sleep

Reducing Stress and Pain

Improve Immune Function

Radiation protection from

your cell phone      

Finca Feliz is at the BCP Market every Tuesday in the Octagon room.

EVERYTHING grown at Finca Feliz is Organic.

Click the reply button or call

6493 6947


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