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Alto Al Crimen Medical Discount Plan Enrollment Open Season Returns

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 Beginning in mid-June and until mid-July Alto al Crimen will offer an enrollment open season in the Hospital Cooperativo discount medical plan.
The plan is a very economical one because the costs for services at Hospital Cooperativo are already low and then discounted for members of the plan. For those who are not already familiar with the details of the plan, a full description can be found in the forum section of Boquete.ning.com It was posted recently and should be near top.
There is no waiting period, and there are no pre-existing condition restrictions. Also there are no age limits.
The cost for the plan for an individual or the first person in a household is $150 per year, and for other household members it is $125 per year. Because this open season will occur in the middle of the year, the charge will be for July through December of 2017 PLUS the full year of 2018. We do this because AAC las very limited staff to perform this extra service.
With the pro-rating mentioned, the cost will be $225 for an individual or the first person in a household and $188 for additional household members. The payments will cover membership for the period July 1 2017 through December 31, 2018. In the next several days we will announce the dates and locations that will be available to join the plan. Application involves only a simple information form to complete and a contract to sign. The contract, by law, must be in Spanish, but an English translation is included in the information on Boquete.ning.com You will also need to supply a copy of your Cedula, your Pensionado or other residence card, or your passport (in that order of preference). Each enrollment is completely separate from all others, so a single information form for a family will not work.
We are still working to develop an enrollment system that is semi-automated and that can be available year-around. Once we complete it and thoroughly test it, we'll announce it to everyone. Meanwhile plan to enroll during the upcoming enrollment season.
REGISTRATION FOR THE ALTO AL CRIMEN BILINGUAL HOTLINE SERVICE IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR MEDICAL DISCOUNT PLAN MEMBERSHIP. If you are not already registered you will need to complete our online registration form.
The Hospital Cooperativo Medical Discount Plan is an excellent, low-cost standalone plan or a good plan to use in conjunction with an insurance plan that has a high deductible. Some people decide to save the high annual premium costs of insurance plans and instead put the premium costs into a bank account as a medical savings plan. The AAC-Hospital Cooperativo plan will cover most routine medical costs inexpensively, but if there are extraordinary expenses, there will be money in your savings account.
Watch for more details in the next few days.
Alto al Crimen is a community service funded by donations. We need and solicit your contributions and support. We would also welcome volunteers to help with publicity and other functions. And we need new members for our board of directors. Join us and serve your community.
Contact Bob Gregory - rhgusn@yandex.com
or Tom Counter - studiotomaspanama@gmail.com
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