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More vendors wanted for June 4 flea market

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5926fd39169f1_vendorswanted.jpg.fc54fe62df2916dbe17e7dbf100c8ca1.jpgWe still have room for a few more vendors at Chiriqui Storage's June 4 Flea Market

If you've cleaned out your closets or have left-over items from your garage sale, here's your chance to turn them into cash.

Maybe you have crafts and food items to sell. Or surplus tools or household items that you'd like to sell.

You can call Penny at 6510-8934 or see her at the Tuesday market to reserve a place. Or you can stop into our office at Chiriqui Storage between 10-3 Monday - Friday or 10-12 on Saturdays. You can also email us at chiriquistorage@gmail.com and pay at the gate on Sunday.

Here's the prices:
Space only (you supply the table)            $10
Medium sized table under main roof        $10
Large 6' Price Smart table                       $12
Electricity                                                $2
Sell out of the back of your pickup           $20
Large truck or tent                                   $25 (and up)

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