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New Educational Series Starting with an Intuitive Development Workshop

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Date: Mondays starting May 22nd thru June 12th

Time: 11:45 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.

Cost: $52.00 for the 4 week series

Place: Fénix Cafe

  • Super excited to announce the kick off of the Educational Workshop Series at the Fénix Cafe: First in the series is:  *INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT -- Your Dynamic Life “By Design” taught by Sharon Brooks, with over 20 years experience as Trainer, Teacher, Keynote Speaker (including TV and Radio Appearances)

*The cafe is closed on Mondays allowing for private, quiet space... perfect for learning, sharing and growing! (Drinks and snacks will still be available for purchase... including fresh baked goodies!)

  • Send all inquires to jasrpanama@gmail.com, or stop by the Fenix Cafe to leave your contact information.

Sign up soon to reserve your spot!

"Develop your intuition so that the changes in the years to come
may be convenient... and extraordinary... for you." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Fénix Cafe is located in the BCP Event Center, just over the downtown bridge, immediately on the right. See you there!!!!

**Please RSVP so we can be sure to hold a space for you!  Reservations and Payments can be made at the Fenix Cafe.  


*Intuitive Development provides the tools one needs to live life to it's fullest potential.  Through both class and at home exercises, first-person accounts, and real-life examples, participants will discover how to harness this remarkable innate ability and bring new depth to everyday decision making. Intuition provides insight into all areas of life, from romance, health, career, family and sometimes life altering experiences.  These classes will help participants to stop over thinking decisions, to trust that first "gut" feeling, react more instantaneously, know if a feeling is "to do" or "not to do" something and much more
You will...
    • Experience the joy of being inspired
    • Exhale with recognition as the next right action is revealed
    • Believe in the connections that speak in symbols and unexpected signs
    • Begin to accept the gaps and spaces that are silent yet full of learning
    • Have FAITH in your convictions
    • Have courage to live your DREAMS
    • Have practical applications for every day life 
    • Trust in your Divine Inner Wisdom
    • Meditate to relax your mind and hear your inner voice.
    • Pay attention to what gets your attention
    • Take time to really listen
                .... LIVE IN YOUR INTUITION
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