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Wood art from award-winning woodturner at the Tuesday Market

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David van Harn is a talented artisan woodturner who moved from Sonoma County, California to Boquete over five years ago, and shortly thereafter, purchased a small bench-top wood lathe.  He learned to appreciate the beauty of tropical hardwoods from around the world when he worked at a Woodcraft store in Santa Rosa, California after retiring from a career in information technology and technical sales. 

When he moved to Panama, he knew that there would be beautiful tropical hardwoods locally available from the 2,300+ species of trees that grow in Panama and Costa Rica, one the most ecologically diverse regions in the world.  Over the past five years, he has turned many species, and Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa - a true rosewood), and Kira (granadillo) have become two of his favorites. 

Artificial (chemical) finishes are not used except on bottle-stoppers, which are handled regularly in the kitchen.  His standard finish is pure Brazilian carnauba wax, and some of the tropical woods polish up to an almost glass-like finish when this natural wax finish is applied with a buffing wheel.  

David's artistic woodturnings are available only at at the Tuesday Morning Market and private showings.  Prices are much lower than in U.S. or European art galleries for similar items.  Most of the his turnings are small, and will fit in with your luggage taking up very little space, so they make perfect gifts.  . 


Typical selection at the Tuesday Morning Market (some of the above items have been sold.)

Top and bottom views - clockwise from top left: 

6" & 5" dia. Kira bowls - $40, $30 (
Platymiscum pinnatum - local Panama wood)

2 - 6" Blue Mahoe bowls, 6" - $40 each (
(Hibiscus elatus - the national tree of Jamaica.)

  • Contact info:

David van Harn



Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Cell Phone: 6706-7236
e-mail: dvanharn@gmail.com



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