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"life is good to me" - Morgan Freeman visits Panama

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Morgan Freeman in Panama for National Geographic shoot

Posted on May 4, 2017 in Newsroom Panama

US ACTOR Morgan Freeman is in Panama for the filming of a segment of “The Story of Man,” for the National Geographic channel.

The series will be released in October. Freeman is working specifically in the Chagres National Park. Where he has interviewed members of the Emberá tribe.
Morgan Freeman has starred in The Story of God, a television documentary that took him around
the world to “discover how our beliefs connect us,” according to the National Geographic website. During his tour of Latin America, the protagonist of films like Driving Miss Daisy, Deep Impact, Million Dollar Baby and Invictus, among others, interviewed the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, on April 29.


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Anne Gordon de Barrignon, a well-known tour guide and frequent presenter at the BCP Tuesday Talks facilitated the filming of this program. She was an animal trainer and bit performer on many movies and TV series (remember "Northern Exposure?) in her early career. She came to Panama to help with a movie and met and fell in love with an Embera man who is the brother of the Embera chief. I've recently seen a photo of her with Morgan Freeman.

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