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I have IPTV as well as a Roku. I rarely use the Roku anymore because virtually everything is on IPTV (when it's not misbehaving). Occasionally, however, I access Amazon Prime Videos on the Roku. I no longer have Netflix because of the VPN issue, but I can't remember whether I need a VPN to access Amazon videos via the Roku. If I don't need it, I don't want to pay for it, of course, but another issue is that Unblock-us is interfering with several computer functions. Can someone please advise?

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On the Netflix part of this topic, Marcelyn and I just this week reactivated our Netflix account. For that TV we do NOT have VPN, and Netflix worked properly without any restrictions (well, at least so far that has been our experience). We have now watched three movies via Netflix. The only negative so far is that the audio is so low that we have difficulty hearing it. The volume was as high as it would go. Will check into plugging Netflix onto a different TV to see if we can boost the audio.

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