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Tuesday Talks -- Snakes in Panama


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10:30 in the BCP Theater
snake.jpg.ceb2ddfb0cf9c6de958ccb83d8c73a0a.jpgTuesday, April 25 – Jim Kavney will tell us about snakes in Panama – the good, the bad and the ugly. Jim’s love of Reptiles began when he was a youngster in New York and he became a Herper for life. He’s collected and studied snakes ever since and even worked a summer job with Ross Allen, one of the best-known herpetologist in the U.S. in the fifties. Jim’s goal is to teach us to identify and to not automatically kill the snakes we find in our yards and fields.
Tuesday, May 2   Baru’s Eruptions and Aftermath - A Geologist’s Observations. Volcan Baru even as a “dead" volcano, looms ominously on our western horizon. Will it ever erupt again, could it?  Dr. Paul Myers retired geology professor (University of Wisconsin, 1968-1997), with considerable volcano experience will share his ”observations” of Baru and  what they may reveal of its violent past,  even what they might mean for the future.  Why doesn’t Baru “look like” a typical volcano? Why no lava flows?  What’s the origin of all the steep-walled terraces and deep, rugged canyons?  No matter how good you are - in the Boquete area, no one is an “expert”.  More questions than answers.
Tuesday, May 9Evolution of the sports of Rock Climbing & Slacklining in Panama in general and Boquete in particular. Program presented by Cesar Augusto Melendez - Panama's first proffessional rock Climber & Sponsored World athlete and Ruben Dario Camarena - Panama's first Highliner. The presentation will include photos and videos. www.panamarockclimbing.blogspot.com
Tuesday, May 16 – Jason Boss is a lifetime high level technician, an ex hacker, and an ex Googler. His talk is going to equip every single person with some tools and some basic information when it comes to computer security and computer maintenance. You will get real world experience on tools, tips, tricks, and things you can do to stay safe in a very dangerous Internet. When people leave this talk they will have the tools they need for Windows or Mac's and be able to defend and keep their computers and themselves safe.
Tuesday, May 23 – Dr. Bill McGraw will give a talk on the research he has done on coral reefs of Panama. Dr Bill Has been studying coral reefs in Panama for over 5 years and has documented the effects of the most intense el nino (2015-2017) in the past 25 years that has caused increased ocean temperatures and bleaching of coral (newaquatechpanama.com). He has visited every major reef system in Panama and has a scientific paper published in the Journal of Reef Encounters, regarding the el nino effect on corals at the  Secas Islands., Did you know that corals have been reported to have been reduced by 50% in the Caribbean area of Panama during the past 30 years?  Thankfully, although there has been widespread coral mortality, corals have found a way to adapt and survive the higher temperatures. Come and find out how they are doing it and what we can do to ensure the survival of one of the planet's greatest treasures. Go here to read more about Dr. McGraw’s work in Panama saving the shrimping industry and visit his website at www.newaquatechpanama.com
Tuesday, May 30 – Melissa Vallarino, owner of Academia International Boquete will speak on education in Panama.
Tuesday, June 6 – JR Pazo with Health Alliance Panama and We Care Pharmacies will present the following topics:
-Presentation of HealthAlliance Panama and the new Hospital Brisas in Panama City that will accept VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, and TRICARE.
- Location, POCs, and phone numbers of the pharmacies and clinics affiliated with HealthAlliance Panama that accept VA-FMP, CHAMPVA, and TRICARE
-Explanation of the free services provided by the volunteer Veterans Assistance Officers (VAOs) to veterans, spouses, dependent children, widows, and widowers
- Location and phone numbers of the VAOs throughout Panama
Tuesday, June 13 – Boquete Hospice and Health
Tuesday, June 20 – Kent McNaughton on the amazing new 3D printing technology - what it is, what can be done with it, what its benefits and shortcomings are, where it’s been and where it may go. He will  have photos of parts he’s made, the machines he built, and things available to be made from the Internet. Kent may bring a printer with him and have it 3D-printing during the talk.
Tuesday, June 27Local attorney Martín Santamaria Castillo and staff (Licda. Evelyn De Leon, and licdo. Roderik Telman) will talk to us about immigration. The talk will include the various options for expats to obtain residency in Panama and the penalties for not doing so. There are several new developments in this area and the foreign community needs to understand what they are. The audience may also ask questions about other areas of the law.
Tuesday, July 4 – Tom McCormack will tell us all about Panamanian legends, wives tales, myths, and superstitions. This is a very entertaining talk and will teach us all something about this place we call home.
To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting
To become a vendor at the Tuesday market,  Facility Manger
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