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At the Ongoing Pilates Classes at the Haven, you not only Learn the Pilates Exercise System...

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YOU Learn how to Move and the Dynamics of Great Posture!
As we age our body becomes stiffer. Becoming more rigid, we lose contact with how to move our pelvis and  hips. Often our shoulders lose their range of motion, as do our other joints. As our muscles tighten, our chest recedes, our back rounds, our belly pooches, we lose theability to move our head and neck equally in both directions. All too often, we're unable to balance and feel centered and grounded as we stand on one foot and leg.
As a remedy... Welcome to the Movement System of Pilates! Re-learn how to activate your pelvis and hips. Experience your core! Increase your range of motion and the ability to move throughout your body. Expand beyond the limited patterns you've unconsciously developed over time. Regain the freedom of greater physical ease and fluidity. 
You may not restore the natural, total physical ease you experienced as a child, but with practice you can certainly improve! All it takes is awareness, discipline and practice. After all, it's your body we're talking about... the vessel we have to navigate this great life we have to live. Wouldn't you like to feel more free, at ease and at home in your body?
Come to Pilates at the Haven and not only learn a great system of exercise. Learn how to naturally move to do everything you physically do better! Even just standing or sitting.
Ongoing 75 minute classes every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, from 8:30- 9:45 a.m. Begin anytime! Pay by the class - $8, or Purchase 4 classes for $30, or Unlimited classes for the month for $72.
All props- Mats, different size balls, stretchy bands, and magic circles provided. Have your own yoga mat? Bring it to be guaranteed 2 mats for when we go down to the floor.
Questions? Email Susan Clare, Certified Instructor in both Pilates & Yoga with 25 yrs. teaching experience, at suzeclare@gmail.com
* And Do Know- One need not be a member of the Haven to partake of Classes and Spa services. Come to the Haven to Improve your Health and Get in shape!
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