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Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC) is sponsoring a "Poker Fun Event" on Saturday, February 18th


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The Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC) group is sponsoring a "Poker Fun Event" on Saturday, February 18th. A "Poker Fun Event" is a fund raising activity. This will be ABC's second such event. Here are some details about ABC and the upcoming Poker Fun Event.
Who is ABC?
ABC (Amigos de Boquete Comunidad) was formed to assist the Boquete Community, its citizens and residents, along with first responders, by providing training, support and aid. As mentioned above, there was a Poker Fun Event in 2016, and those funds were used to benefit several charitable organizations as well as the Boquete Police Department (including the porta-potty at the Caldera intersection police inspection point. ABC hosted a Christmas party on December 6th, 2016, at LaPosada to collect gifts for needy children of Boquete. Over 100 gifts were collected at the party as well as $50.00 in cash donations. Additional gifts were purchased with the donation money. The gifts were given to several groups to cover a wide geographic area of Boquete. The groups who received gifts were:
  • Bill and Gina Brick's Park Ministries, 
  • Louise Orr for Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, 
  • San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church benefitting children in the Los Naranjos area, and
  • Miguel Castillo, owner of El Rocio Restaurant located behind the new Market. (Miguel has been hosting a Christmas party on December 31st for all the local children for the past 25 years.)
We have purchased $100.00 of personal care products for abused young girls currently under the watchful eye of the Boquete nuns. It is our intention to continue to support all residents in Boquete.
Now for our exciting upcoming fund raising activity, another Poker Fun Event:
What is a Poker Fun Event?
This will be our second annual Poker Fun Event that we've hosted in Boquete. It is a fundraiser to enable ABC to continue providing support to local groups and residents. A Poker Fun Event is an afternoon of walking (or driving) around the town of Boquete to the participating local businesses that are "card draw stations" (see the below list of the card draw stations). At each location you will draw a card to build your poker hand. The activity usually lasts about 2-3 hours allowing enough time to visit each location and enjoy their specialties. The last stop is Señor Gyros where the best poker hand wins. Extra Wild Cards can be purchased to increase your chances to win.
Last stop is Señor Gyros where the judge or judges will be on hand to declare the winner of a cash prize. Besides the winning poker hand being a prize winner, raffle tickets can be purchased at Señor Gyros, and then a raffle drawing held for each of the many gift certificates that have been donated by local businesses. It is a great afternoon of fun. You do not have to be a poker player to play or win. Winning is not based on how quickly you finish, but rather your best poker hand. Mark and Gary with Señor Gyros are fabulous hosts and made a fun day even more so. Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 18th, 2017 starting at 2:00pm until 5:00 pm.
Here is the general scenario of how a Poker Fun Event plays out. Show up at the pavilion/gazebo at the park in downtown Boquete shortly before 2:00PM on Saturday, February 18th, to register and to purchase your basic kit. That means that you purchase scorecards (2 for $10.00 is the minimum kit, and additional scorecards may be purchased at $5.00 per scorecard). Then go at a leisurely pace to a minimum of five card draw stations, but hopefully all seven of the card draw stations for best chances of winning the grand prize. Here are the seven card draw stations for this February 18th event:
  • Big Daddy's
  • Juice Mi
  • La Karreta
  • Retro Gusto
  • Boquete Sandwich Shop
  • La Villa Café
  • Señor Gyros (this is the last stop; be there at 5:00PM for the judging, raffle drawing, and general good times)
At each card draw station you will specify which scorecard that you are drawing for, and then draw a card that will be recorded on the specified scorecard by a draw station volunteer monitor. If you go to more than five card draw stations then you get to pick your best five cards, including your purchased Wild Cards for each Scorecard at Señor Gyros. At Señor Gyros, you will optionally have an opportunity to purchase wildcards at $1.00 each to improve your poker hand.
Many local businesses have donated gift certificates for a raffle draw at Señor Gyros. These gift certificates are an additional way for participants to win. The businesses that have donated gift certificates are way too numerous to list here, but include things like discounts on car wash services, discounts on meals at various eateries, free bottle of beer with a meal, etc.
For additional information or questions, please contact Joe and Linda Hart at lhart249@hotmail.com, or Ray Miller at ray2cleo@yahoo.com.
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