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Boquete's Great New Video Festival


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Boquete is becoming the land of festivals - besides the growing Boquete Flower and Coffee festival, the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival is taking wing as world class event. 


This year, we added the Boquete Video Festival to our repertoire of BCP events that enrich our lives here in Panama. And what a great addition it is!



For a first year premiere, the BVF was a rousing success. Backed by an enthusiastic and dedicated band of volunteers, Patrick and Gabrielle Reynolds with Producer Sheila Strunk organized, recruited video makers, made T-shirts, repainted the BCP lobby and even came up with a red carpet to celebrate the arrival of guests and videographers. And special thanks to Manzar Lari and Terry Richmeier of Casa de Montana, the best bed and breakfast in Boquete, who stepped up to not only kick start the festival sponsorship, but put in countless hours making it happen.


BVF4 3.jpg

The crowd was enthusiastic, the theater full and everyone had a great time, laughing and cheering as videos were theatrically presented in the categories of documentary, comedy, promotion, travel and adventure, and musical. As MC, Patrick was, well, Patrick, the judges an unruly mob, the video presentation on the big screen was flawless and professional - Rod Parker, Phil Bennet and the theater crew did a fabulous job. 




All the video makers are to be congratulated for their efforts. Deborah Green’s video on Chalo opened our eyes to appreciate the artistic genius who lives in our town and graces our lives here. Michael Schwartz brought us hilarious news reporting about the “Thousands of holes” in Boquete that nobody talks about. His new news channel? Boquete Source - “Nobody brings you more - BS.” Among my personal favorites, Phil Bennet’s lyrical Time Flies, Gilberto Barria-Vallarino’s Grounding 101, Brandy Gregory’s Knitted Together in Love and the lovely video about one of our most important charities, the Fundacion pro Integracion (the “Handicapped Foundation”), In Water I Am FreeAll of these can be watched on YouTube. 



This year's premiere of the Boquete Video Festival was a wonderful miniature version of the famous film festivals of the world. I for one will certainly look forward to the years to come for the BVF and to the next production from the new BCP artistic directors, Patrick and Gabrielle Reynolds and their growing crew of enthusiastic and capable volunteers. 

Mark Heyer
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