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Pickleball is Off to a Good Start in Boquete

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This topic is being posted for Jim Webb, a CL member.


We are official! All paperwork has been approved by the Department of Recreation Boquete to give Pickleball use of the downtown gym on Mondays and Fridays  from 2-4pm. One of our players has made a trip back to the States and will be returning with another net so we can play more and sit less. There is no cost involved for participating in this activity. All equipment provided.

Turnout has been steadily increasing. Quality of play improving steadily.

Come try us out. 

If you wish to participate, you can simply show up at the Downtown Gym as mentioned in his above content. If you would like to contact Jim, you can do so by sending him a PM (private message) here on CL using his Display Name @Jim Webb [that is a hotlink, click on it], and then click on the envelope icon to the right of his display name, or you can simply reply to this posting.

For their schedule, you can go to their event as posted here on CL at http://www.chiriqui.life/calendar/event/580-pickleball/. In that event is more information about pickleball, and a website address for specifics about how pickleball is played and the rules of the game.


Pickleball kickoff.JPG

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