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Radio Chiriqui Boquete

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2 hours ago, MarieElaine said:

Thank you Keith but this address does not work.  I was hoping to get hold of someone in Alto Boquete Radio Chiriqui.


You might wish to try again using the corrected email address as shown here: radiochiriqui@radiochiriqui.com.

Note that I corrected the error in Keith's posting, which was not his fault, but rather an error on the radio station website (www.radiochiriqui.com) itself.

Also, their website shows other contact information under the "contact us" tab.

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12 hours ago, MarieElaine said:

Thank you so much,  I too copied the address off the website and know that Keith did the same.  Thank you for making the correction.  I needed to attach a file which is why I preferred email.


My experience in "expecting" businesses to routinely monitor their published email accounts has been less than stellar. Those expectations have generally led to disappointment. Hopefully Radio Chiriqui is more attentive than those to whom I have sent emails. You may consider calling their station to alert them to an important incoming email message. Just a thought.

Wishing you all the best.

BTW, we know Roger Guerra, who is part of Radio Chiriqui. His dad is the one who started that business a long time ago. Roger and Radio Chiriqui did a radio broadcast from our home many years ago. It was part of a Saturday series of "Spanglish" broadcasts that they were doing. I have his email and cell number if you need help. I won't publish that information here on CL, but would consider sending you a private message if you requested it.

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