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Rice Farmers Protest and Block InterAmerican Hwy

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As a sidebar comment, one reason this posting is related to life in Chiriqui is that there is a blockage of all lanes of the InterAmerican Hwy. If you are trying to travel by land (bus or auto), then you are better prepared for that trip if you are aware of possible interruptions. (Protest related blockages such as this have happened to CL management on more than one occasion.)

Rice protest.png


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Protesting rice farmers pepper sprayed

Posted on January 16, 2017 in Panama

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POLICE used pepper spray to force rice producers from across the country  to open up the InterAmericana highway, at Divisa, Herrera  on Monday, Jan.16.

One police officer was injured by a thrown rock, and four protesters were arrested.

The  growers,  calling on  the  government to stop importing rice, had closed all four lanes.

Their protest  targeted  business importers  and the Institute of Agricultural Marketing (IMA).

Nodier Díaz, Secretary General of the Federation of Rice and Grain Growers said that they were seeking to let the authorities know that they firmly reject the policy of  importation that “clearly neglects its responsibility.

“The IMA is one of the largest importers. Just a few days ago it imported 8,700 quintals of rice.” he complained.

“The most reprehensible is that the consumer continues to pay a high price for the grain although importers pay a low price, “he added.


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