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Yearly Foundation payment

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Sorry if I'm being redundant but I just want to be sure. I pay it myself by rely on others to tell me how much it is. It's there a website or somewhere official that will tell me how much I owe ? It's been 400 the last few years as far as I know. I have the form and I pay at Banco Nacional. 

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I am not aware of any change in the fees for foundations for 2017. FYI, the fee is officially called "Tasa Unica".

I pay our Tasa Unica myself with no assistance by a CPA or attorney, etc. Just fill out the form and pay it at any Banco Nacional branch office.

You may also wish to check out another related topic here on CL at:


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I paid a friend's Tasa Unica ($300 for a corporation and $400 for a foundation) at Banco Nacional. I asked the service rep for 3 forms so I had one for my own fee and one for an extra. Today I went to Caja de Ahorros across the street from the new (still under construction) Deli Baru and I paid my own corporate fee. Many people aren't aware you can also pay at Caja de Ahorros and the lines are way shorter there.

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