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New Location for Tai Chi


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New Year.  New Students. New PLACE.  And always new things to Learn . . . 
Thursday 5 January TAI CHI classes will move to the Public Gymnasium
behind the Terpel gas station in Bajo Boquete.
Monday & Thursday 9 - 10am
only $40/month
ALL are welcome to Come and Try Tai Chi !
No experience, "athletic ability" or special clothing required.
If you would like more information…i.e. Benefits, History, Research, articles, etc. please feel free to contact me directly:
Kevin Reilly                        taichiriqui@gmail.com                            6792-4455
    Tai Chi-riquí                      Panamá            
Boquete & DavídPictureCHIRIQUÍ, meto!  
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