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Dead and suffocating chicks

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This morning I went to a local garden supply store at the north end of Boquete.  I saw a sight that I still have not recovered from.  As I was about to enter the store, I saw smashed against the side of the cage dozens of dead and dying chicks who were trying to get heat from the heat lamp that was positioned at the side of the cage.  The heat lamp should always be place a correct distance above chicks to give them adequate warmth and freedom to move around. The stench of dead chicks and fecal matter reached out into the street.  I told 2 employees what was happening and they seemed to have cared less.  When I  reminded them that this was abuse and completely incorrect, they seem to slowly make moves to do something.  Please go past said garden and feed/pet supply store and let them know that you are making note of the treatment of their livestock.  There is nothing more lethal and cruel than the human animal.

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