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Active Baby Boomers Who Don't Like Yoga


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Starting This Week

Exclusively at The Haven 


3 Weekly Baby Boomer Stretch & Flex Class for All Levels*


Every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 10AM

1 Hour Class

$8 Residents

$10 Visitors


Stretch Your Joints & Flex Your Muscles - It’ll Make You Feel Good!

Just Bring Your Happy Smiling Face

and an Exercise Mat if you have one


*Designed for Baby Boomers by a Baby Boomer 

(AKA “the gringo stretching guy from Las Vegas”)

Questions? Email Michael mic1951co@gmail.com




 At The Haven 

Sport Specific Stretching Clinics for 

Golfers & Tennis Players 

Hikers & Climbers

Runners & Cyclers

Weight Lifters & Martial Artists


Different Sports Require Different Muscle & Joint Movements

If you want the best from your body while performing your sport —

Maintain your body to improve your natural ability & prevent injury


All Clinics are 90 Minutes

$15 per Clinic - Reservation Not Required

See Schedule Below for YOUR Specific Sport


Questions? Email Michael mic1951co@gmail.com



January 2017


Mon Jan 9,   10am — Golfer & Tennis Player 

Wed Jan 11, 10am — Runner & Cycler 

Fri Jan 13,    10am — Hiker & Climber


Mon Jan 16,  10am — Weight Trainer & Martial Artist

Wed Jan 18,  10am — Golfer & Tennis Player 

Fri    Jan 20,  10am — Runner & Cycler


Mon Jan 23,  10am — Hiker & Climber

Wed Jan 25,  10am — Weight Trainer & Martial Artist

Fri    Jan 27,  10am — Golfer & Tennis Player


Mon Jan 30,  10am — Runner & Cycler


Questions? Email Michael mic1951co@gmail.com

All the Best!
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