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Time Is Growing Short For AAC Medical Discount Plan Sign-Ups


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Alto al Crimen will have a table at the Tuesday Market on tomorrow, January 3 for people to sign up for the AAC--Hospital Cooperativo medical discount plan. If you have not yet read the announcements sent via News.Boquete, Boquete.ning.com and Chiriqui.Life, go to one of the latter two sites and read it.
This low cost plan is great for people who have no other medical coverage and a great supplement for people with high deductible insurance coverage. A .pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation made on December 13 can be found at this link: http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/4359-alto-al-crimen-medical-discount-plan-announcement/?do=findComment&comment=12309
The yearly fee for the plan is $150 (or $125 for additional members of the same household). This includes a donation for the AAC emergency call Hotline.
To sign up, come to our table on Tuesday. Bring cash or your checkbook and, if possible, a copy of the cedula, Pensionado card or passport for each applicant. If for some reason you can't bring a copy, we'll figure out how to make a copy of your document.
This will be the last sign-up day except for the final sign-up deadline on January 17 after the Alto al Crimen presentation about our organization and its services. We plan to have renewals and open season sign-ups for the medical discount plan once a year in late December--early January.
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