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Combat Chronic Health Issues


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Chronic health problems can make our later years less fun than they could be and are some of the major sources of retirement financial difficulties.  There's no magic solution, but exercise and a healthier diet are effective deterrents to health issues as is STRESS REDUCTION.  
Did you know that community drumming in drum circles has been proven by several major medical school research studies to reduce your cortesone levels and reverse the effects of stress on your mind and body.  It has the same benefits as deep meditation and, like meditation, should be done regularly for maximum benefits.  Also, it's fun!  
Join us at La Villa Coffee Cafe (at BCP hex room) every Wednesday at 4 PM for a one-hour therapeutic drum circle and on the second Friday of each month at 6 PM for a drum circle party with drinks and dancing around the bonfire.  Drumming experience is not necessary.  We'll teach you how to do it and there are usually "loaner" drums available for you to play on.  No excuse not to try a fun new way to improve your health and have a good time!
FREE BEGINNER DRUM LESSONS every Wednesday at 3:30 PM just before the therapeutic drum circles to help you feel more comfortable about joining in.  And remember, EVERYBODY CAN PLAY A DRUM.  You don't have to be a good or experienced drummer - enthusiasm counts most!
Come give it a try.  See you at La Villa.
Mike Potts
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