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Wanted: Rhythm Guitarists for the Boquete Old Time String Band


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We are starting up an Old Time String Band session held every Friday Noon - 2pm at the BCP (thank you Lucy!).  So far we have 1 Fiddler, 1 Guitarist, and Two Banjo players.   Plus we have Lucy, who plays both guitar and fiddle!  We could always use more of all the string instruments, but are in particular need of Rhythm Guitar Players just to get this going.  No experience with Old Time music is required for Rhythm guitar as we a Chord book for over 400 songs.  If you can play your chords quickly you'll pick it up right away...we also have Tab music for many songs. 
For those not familiar with Old Time - it is primarily but not limited to barn dance music that has it's roots in the Appalachian Mountains of America.  Those roots go back to Irish and Scottish settlers, also geared to dancing (think jigs and reels).  It's a lot of fun to play in a group because unlike Blue Grass, everyone plays together and you can carry each other along.   
This is a beginning group so if you want to come play around please give it a go - Friday's at Noon, at the BCP.  The standard instruments for Old Time String bands, are Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Bass so if you know any who plays these instruments please pass the word! 
--Pat Thomas
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