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BCP Christmas Party


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11.5 years ago Boquete Community Players popped up in the little town of Boquete Panama. ( amazing, right?).
Who could imagine a Community Theater in such a small pueblo in the Mountains?
Since then.. Almost every year has been marked with a Free BCP Christmas Party for the Boquete Community ... this year on Sat. Dec.10th from 1-4.
Well over 100 Children sweep into our special place by the River.
With a dedicated group of volunteers from BCP, and usually some from every other Service Group, and others in our community who want to deliver joy to the children of Boquete, we manage this Crazy fun day.
Please, could you volunteer to either help by supplying cookies/brownies. Or/And serve the children, enjoy creating crafts with them, watch Tia Belle the clown with them, ensure safety while the bat is swinging at the 2 Piñatas (Dave and John would really appreciate that!)?
Or, just see the 100 children in our 100 seat Theater, eyes wide, not a peep uttered, totally motionless except to smile, and laugh, as they watch with wonder, a Real Movie on our BCP Big Screen.
In other words, we need your help.
This day, means Christmas to Us …
We hope to have you join us, and Please tell all the parents and kids you know, that we welcome all of them.
Please let us know at the link below if you can help. 
Delivery of cookies to me on Fri.? Or at BCP from 11:00 - 1:00 Sat.the 10th.
Gracias y Feliz Navidad,
Erin Ross BCP Team    erinross1@outlook.com 720 1719 or 6692 1697
P.S. BCP has a great full schedule for 2017… Stay Tuned.
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