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Amazon and shipping of a computer

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I ordered a computer 2 years ago from Dell in the U.S. and had it sent to my eShop address.  eShop just charged me for the shipping weight.  The computer and monitor came in separate packages, and the total shipping cost for both was $145.  There was nothing extra for customs.  I think they include that in their prices for weight.  If you know the shipping weight and eShop's rates, you can calculate what it will cost to ship it.

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Mine took about 2 weeks to arrive at eShop.  MarcoBoquete said he ordered his from Amazon.  The time it takes to get to you is the time to get from Amazon, Apple, or Dell (or wherever you buy it) to Miami, then from Miami to Boquete.  The time varies from 10 days to two weeks for just about everything that comes through eShop.  Note that Marco and I paid the same shipping cost of $145 based on the weight.

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