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Six asphyxiated bodies uncovered near Pedregal

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Six asphyxiated bodies uncovered

Posted on December 2, 2016 in Panama

Argentina Barrera , left,
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FIVE MEN and  one  woman  whose bodies were found  in a shallow grave near a construction site in Villabos, Pedregal on Thursday Dec.1 were “mechanically asphyxiated”  said Prosecutor Argentina Barrera at a Friday press conference.

An El Siglo contact reported that the possibility that the six were buried alive  has not been ruled out

Barrera confirmed that the bodies were found in woodland bordering a construction project when a passer by saw a hand sticking out of the ground.

He  said that the event is linked to a “related subject with the subculture of organized crime.”

Expert, technical, forensic and documentary investigations are under way.

The proseutor  revealed that in the clothes  of one of the men a Colombian document and a Costa Rica driver’s license were found.

National Police Subcomandant  Manuel Bonome participated in the conference and said that operations were being conducted across the country and Panama would not tolerate this kind of crime.


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